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A Soap Box on the Media

If you're like me, you're not on social media (I don't count LinkedIn). Heck, you don't even own a television! So you would get your news by actively seeking out information, reviewing the data, and discerning if it is credible or unbiased hopefully before establishing an opinion. If you're not like me, you likely get your information by placing yourself in the torrent of social media. Such is a place where you would get barraged by conflicting opinions, "unbiased news media", and constant calls for outrage and hating your neighbor. My hope is that you are able to resist the subterfuge and remain in control of your emotions, many are not.

Unfortunately for humanity, most of the truly unbiased information isn't presented by that menagerie. That kind of principled journalism has been dying off for a while, so it's difficult to find at all. Instead we are presented the information that produces the most profits.